Meet Lexi

Lexi has been passionate about music since she was old enough to talk. Whether performing on the makeshift fireplace home stage at age 4, singing, playing guitar and piano, composing or songwriting, Lexi’s music defines her.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Lexi performed in children’s musical theater and began piano and voice lessons by age five. She continues her passion for music and is a member of both the Calabasas High School female a cappella group, Bare Rhythm, and female advanced choir, Vivace. She has performed in Carnegie Hall and throughout Southern China as part of these ensembles.

At 13, Lexi discovered her intense passion for composing and began writing music. She has written over 140 songs to date in multiple genres, including popular contemporary, religious and musical theater. She is a musical storyteller and uses her words and melodies to translate the world around her.

Combining her passion for composing, theater, and storytelling, Lexi began writing her first musical, The End, at age 14.  After writing the script, music, and lyrics, Lexi directed the production of The End in May, 2017. The show ran for three sold-out performances and was featured in the community newspaper, The Acorn, and on the local Fox News.  Lexi’s inspiration came from observing various teen social issues and the John Lennon quote, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

In the Fall of 2018, Lexi will study at Berklee College of Music to earn a Bachelor of Music Degree in Songwriting.

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